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Novus Fintech stands as a beacon in the financial technology realm, delivering comprehensive and customizable platforms that empower banks, major financial institutions, and asset/wealth managers. Our cutting-edge solutions redefine operations and equip our partners with the competitive edge needed to navigate and excel in today's dynamic and ever-evolving financial landscape.

NightVision FX

The ultimate white-label automatic FX transaction management platform, designed for seamless integration and adaptability to meet the unique needs of every bank.

  • Effortless Transaction Management:
    Easily create, edit, or cancel transactions with simplified controls, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Real-time Competitive Pricing:
    Stay ahead with competitive market prices that are updated automatically and consequently as well as keep clients informed immediately and agile in the market
  • Instant Accounting and Payments:
    Experience automated and instant accounting and payment settlement processing, simplifying your financial workflow.
  • Comprehensive Integration:
    Seamlessly integrate with core banking, treasury systems, centralized accounting (OGL), enterprise data warehouse (EDW), and further, streamline your internal processes.
  • Centralized FX Management:
    Stay informed with continuously and constantly updated FX status managed centrally at your headquarters, give you the insight needed for strategic decision-making.
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NightVision FX

Equix Trading Platform

Empower your business to elevate client offerings with Equix, the ultimate white-label trading platform. Tailor-made for seamless integration into your brand, Equix enables businesses to provide clients with managing & trading Multi-assets class and customizable trading experience. Harness the strength of our platform's robust features and cutting-edge tools, presenting a powerful solution that makes it distinctive to your brand in the competitive financial landscape.

  • Fully Open API for seamless integration.
  • World-wide Exchanges synchronized and connected.
  • Synchronize real-time data between mobile app and web app.
Mobile Platform

Mobile Platform

With our native apps, your end users can get market insights, trade, look at reports, and more on the go. It's available on both iOS and Android.

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Web Platform

Web Platform

A sleek-looking web platform loaded with customizable features for retail traders, that can operate on any modern browser.

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Desktop Platform

Desktop Platform

Trading tool for all major OS: Windows, macOS and Linux.

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Onboarding & eKYC


Revolutionize client acquisition for banks and financial institutions with our streamlined Onboarding solution. Seamlessly open online customer trading accounts, providing a frictionless user experience that drives efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Seamless Integration with Industry Leaders:
    Our platform integrates automatic links with Macquarie, a major Australian bank, for swift account openings and enhanced processing capabilities.
  • Swift Identity Verification with Green ID:
    Our platform is linked with Australia’s top identity verification platform – Green ID, helping business with rapid and accurate customer identity validation, bolstering security and trust.
  • Instant Trading Access:
    Our platform offers to sync customer data with trading exchanges immediately after account setup, allowing customers to start trading promptly. Stay agile in financial markets!
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API Integration

Unlock a world of seamless integration and innovation with our robust API suite. It’s your gateway to building end-to-end embedded trading and investing products.

  • Global Data Access:
    Leverage standard REST-based API for consistent access to financial market data worldwide.
  • Simplified Integration:
    We offer clear documentation for integration, according to OpenAPI 3 standards.
  • Flexible Scalability:
    Our Cloud-deployed API system offers flexible scalability to match your evolving needs.
  • Real-time Execution and Monitoring:
    Execute orders, manage portfolios, and stream live market data in real-time through an intuitive dashboard system.
  • Automatic Resource Optimization:
    The adaptive system automatically backs up and adjusts resources according to your requirements, optimizing performance effortlessly.
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Web / Mobile app

Admin Portal

Introducing our Admin Portal – an intuitive administration platform designed to empower Advisors in efficiently managing all business users and trading accounts within their portfolio.

  • Efficient System Oversight:
    Empower Advisors to monitor and control the system effortlessly, saving valuable time and ensuring effective management.
  • Tailored Customization:
    Enjoy a platform that flexibly adapts, offering customized features and interfaces to suit your unique business needs.
  • Real-time Order Management:
    Seamlessly handle orders and account data in real-time, providing timely insights and actions for a streamlined trading experience.
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Offshore IT Services

We offer customized software crafted to your business’s unique needs. Benefit from faster time-to-market and flexible scalability, alongside high-quality, compliant deliverables that set your business a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Customized Solutions:
    We understand your institution’s unique requirements and provide solutions precisely tailored to address them, ensuring optimal performance and alignment with your strategic goals.
  • Agile Scalability:
    Our solutions are designed for flexibility, allowing for rapid scalability as your institution grows or as market demands shift, ensuring your institution stays ahead in a dynamic industry.
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance:
    Following stringent international processes and standards, we prioritize compliance and quality at every stage of development, delivering reliable, high-quality solutions that instill trust and confidence.
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Onboarding & eKYC


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