Our Story

History about Novus Fintech and the services & products offers by Novus Fintech

“ Founded in 2008, Novus Fintech is Vietnam’s leading innovator in providing the next generation financial markets software. Novus Fintech was created with an entrepreneurial spirit to challenge the controversial monopoly of Australia’s financial services. ”

The Core of our Solutions

Novus Fintech builds the most powerful and innovative tools for multiple financial markets trading. Novus Fintech's products aim to give users a competitive edge in the complex and fast-moving market.

We create integrated, customizable, customer-focused solutions that will help you expand your company’s horizons. Our ever-growing line of products includes mobile and web-based trading software catered towards financial institutions and stockbrokers.

Integration Focused

We offer an ecosystem of integrated products and services made with industry-standard protocols in mind. Our solutions can be deployed quickly, integrating into your existing systems seamlessly. Novus Fintech's meticulously designed APIs and unmatched functionality provide partners with at-ease connection to trading end-users, as well as consistent access to global financial market data.

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Customer Focused

Our products are made with two things in mind. Firstly, our solutions provide your users with a simple and intuitive design that grants them access to every bit of financial data they need. Second, we give your users a professional experience that allows them to utilize all of the tools they need to have a satisfying experience.

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Personalization Focused

By working with us, you get to decide if you want to create a personalized app. White-label apps allow you to give your users a highly personal experience by branding the app as your own. Put your own brand behind a powerful software experience.

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Access To Over 10,000
Global Financial Instruments
Anywhere Anytime

12 +

Stocks & Futures Exchange

100 +

OTC & Exchange-listed FX Paris

50 +

Exchange-listed Futures Products

10,000 +

US & Australian Stocks


How Novus Fintech Build From The Ground?


Launch Australia Office

In 2020 we launched our Australian office, hoping to bring our desired solutions to a wider market.


Official Roll-out of Equix to all OpenMarkets Customers

In 2019 we made our solutions available to all OpenMarkets Customers.


Partner with QuantHouse for Ultra-low Latency Market Data

We partnered with QuantHouse to bring our community the convenience of Ultra-low Latency market data.


Soft-launch OpenMarkets' Equix Web & Mobile

In 2017, we soft-launched our most ambitious projects yet OpenMarkets’ Equix Web and Equix Mobile.

2013 - 2016

Partner with SaxoBank for US Stock Trading

We partnered with SaxoBank to offer our users a wider variety of stocks by giving them access to the US market.

2011 - 2012

Work with OpenMarkets to Localise & Customise Equix Web & Mobile

We worked with OpenMarkets to Localise and Customise Equix Web and Mobile in order to cater to a wider audience.


Develop PoC for Novus Fintech Web

In 2008 we started developing the proof of concept for what would be our most ambitious product.