Mercantile Exchange of Viet Nam (MXV), the first and only unit that currently making the role of the transaction organization, creating a field, connecting with the transaction the commodity of the international contract, had hired the global solution for the NightVision Commodities of Quant Edge.

As one of the most important in the MXV validations transactions, by the right exclusive for the first partner in Viet Nam for the current modulation and support multiple developments for the markets field security, invocation, except in and outside country, MXV specify an existing unit and the ready availability of the multi-services, flexible, friendly user.

With the role for the technical development partner, Quant Edge will set up the system software system requires the tasks of MXV punctured the operating operation for the commodity transaction activity at Vietnam and link with the world. The contract with the time of the year and automatic as expires; time for the users and the environment is available as 30 days before MXV is given the active activity.

The software system is complex files, include the Front, Back for all primary tools, include: transactions support, risk manager and the core service about payment and offset. In adding, one top system and secure through the smart information between the different systems, other easily matching interactive with other products that making to the quality.

Quant Edge promise system software provides to user and an active protocol tools on all environment environment (web,desktop, mobile) và continuously start, upgrade the configuration section extracted the solution of the best solution, not create the best performance and friendly with the user that take away off to start the reply to the progressive.

With the start of the system connection that the current information of the administrator on the platform of the business manager, the accounting and transfer the transaction from the commodity transaction, MXV hopes the first field of the commodity in Viet Nam in the new disc.

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