Officially launched Techcombank NightVision FX / Gold

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Recognizing the growing demand for foreign currency trading and 4.0 industrial trending is gradually developing in Vietnam. Unlike traditional operations, the trading of gold and foreign currencies is highly influenced by the international financial market; macro factors; domestic demand and supply; exchange rate changes … These factors require the bank to have a system of buying and selling foreign currency that can be used for Customers, Branches and Home Office . The system must meet the increasing number of transactions and transaction volume.

Catch up with market trending, Techcombank has signed a contract with Quant Edge to build and develop “the Techcombank NightVision FX / Gold” software system with the copyright of Quant Edge JSC.

NightVision Fx/ Gold System are integrated with Core Banking System so that foreign exchange officers and branch controllers can actively monitor the transaction process. From there, it helps to coordinate the related departments faster, shorten the transaction time and increase the sympathy from the Customers.

NightVision FX / Gold also allow transactions that are within the limits of automated trading. Therefore, the transactions are done quickly, reducing the risk of exchange rate fluctuation for customer and branches.

In addition, because NightVision FX / Gold is a cross-cutting system from customers – branch office – headquarters, it is possible to calculate profit / loss for each foreign exchange transaction, customer, type of currency, product and transaction. At the same time, Vision FX provides a multi-dimensional reporting system for managing, searching and aggregating information in a timely and effective manner.

On Vision System FX / Gold, rates and important information about purchase and sale of gold and foreign currencies are updated automatically and continuously from the international market and the interbank market. From there, provide to the user through the exchange rate screen at: Head office, branch, term price table, Swap Points table. The exchange rates are arranged logically, making it convenient for foreign exchange traders to recognize exchange rate fluctuations; make a general view of the exchange rate of the foreign currency pair, different terms to advise customers.

The successful implementation of the Vision FX / Gold System is a breakthrough in Techcombank’s offering of Gold and Foreign Exchange

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