From December 9, 2022, Sacombank officially implemented the NightVision FX Foreign Currency Trading System, which applies to foreign currency transactions from customers, and branches to Head Office.

To best prepare for go-live day of the NightVision Fx system, Sacombank and Novus Fintech have provided training for all bank employees throughout the system. From there, Sacombank’s foreign exchange transaction management system will become optimized, contributing to improving competitiveness in the industry, and moving toward achieving the digital transformation goal of the business.

Over the years, Sacombank has always affirmed its leading position in the banking sector in terms of customer care services, agility and smart and quick work process improvement.

Besides the achievements, to best meet the increasing demands of customers, Sacombank constantly innovates foreign currency trading activities. One of the highlights is investing in the NightVision FX Currency Trading System.

With the implementation of the NightVision Fx system, Novus Fintech and Sacombank expect to improve the manual workflow to full automation, thereby helping the Board of Directors to manage all business activities of the company quickly. Fast, accurate and easy connection and exchange between Head Office and branches.

NightVision FX Forex Trading System

NightVision FX Currency Trading System is a modern system, integrated to get prices directly and continuously from Reuters, integrated with other systems of the Bank such as Core SunShine, Treasury Murex, Centralized Accounting (OGL), Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)…

In addition to the user-friendly web interface, NightVision FX Currency Trading System will help automate a large number of foreign currency trading transactions during the day through

  • Continuously updated exchange rates according to real-time with competitive rates and closest to international rates;
  • Automatic order matching with most foreign currency trading transactions with customers;
  • Continuously updated and centrally managed at the Head Office of foreign currency status;
  • Automatic accounting and payment;

System warnings in case of operational errors in the transaction price.
In addition, the NightVison FX Forex Trading System allows the calculation of the profit/loss of foreign currency trading for each transaction, each customer, supporting a 360-degree assessment of the customer.

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