Trade For Good has partnered with Novus Fintech to leverage and develop the Equix white-label application platform to streamline the integration of applications and create a new Investment Management Solution that excels with the interface.

As a trading platform, Trade For Good doesn’t strive to be the biggest; we strive to make a positive difference in the world, particularly in Australia, by inspiring people in the finance industry to think of the community around them and how they can make positive change. That’s why we donate 50%* of the brokerage on all trades to one of our charitable partners.

In addition to profitability and inspiring Trade For Good investors, there is a growing need for the latest technology for risk management, trading and portfolio building among investment companies to meet changing investor needs and regulatory obligations.

Built on an open API that easily integrates with a modern interface, Equix’s innovative platform allows our customers to acquire approved partners and workflows, accelerating delivery times. Information analysis and data transmission make it easy for investors and financial advisors to use and reach customers anywhere, just through a smart mobile device. In addition, with the live KYC system, seamless analysis, reporting and data system, warning system and market information, the absolute security of ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 will also support and ensure complete protection for customers.

Novus Fintech expects the application to be launched in mid-April to boost the number of customers and optimize Trade For Good’s operation.

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